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5 months ago
E-Commerce is a word you should all be quite familiar at this stage - after the crazy year of 2020 you can only imagine how things are going in this industry... Booming is an understatement.

A long term client of mine that focusses on the more back office side of B2B E-Commerce (think more wholesale) is hiring for multiple roles at the moment, preferring to look for Junior-Mid level egineers who are interested in being mentored and growing into a fullstack Typescript environment - this is a great opportunity for someone with a couple of years professional experience in the web app worls to transition into a role that also has access to high level microservice environments as well as Serverless AWS logic biulding & touches of deployment through the CICD process.

What we are after for this role - technically speaking:
  • Junior-Mid level experience (anywhere 2-4 years)
  • Web app design & development (end to end would be ideal!)
  • React and all its bells and whistles (Redux, Hooks is a bonus)
  • Backend API experience with Node - either Nest, Express or otherwise
  • Typescript is the major codebase here
  • Experience with Graph databases
  • Any level of experience in CICD, Containers and pipelines

Bonus elements:
  • Experience in AWS - serverless or elsewhere, Lambda's etc are fine too (this can be taught)
  • End to end experience is preferred however if you're feeling like you are 70% backend or frontend that's totally fine as well with a diverse team of seniors to guide you along!

Where, when & why would you join this business:
  • Brand new Surry hills office (just moved in for 2021)
  • Hands on CTO, Tech Leads and Seniors who will mentor you
  • Ability to work acorss Web, Desktop and Mobile application stacks and diversify your ability to connect API's through various UI layers.
  • "Pub on a friday" vibes
  • Internal growth - primarily we promote from within here.
  • We sponsor the right people - please make sure you are ON SHORE and Sydney based (with a degree, and some experience) to fit in with our Sponsorship policy

Max Nash is running this role as usual - I'm very accesible over LinkedIn:

Or alternatively please reach out to me via email if you'd prefer to chat confidentially -