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Interview guide for employers.

By Matthew Quinn, Risk & Compliance


Senior managers with responsibility for Risk & Compliance have probably been around long enough to remember a golden era when they were able to pick and choose from an array of desirable candidates for every vacancy they advertised. Those days are long gone, and unlikely to return in the
foreseeable future.

As a result of a steep increase in focus on regulation and compliance in the banking and finance arena, culminating in the 2018 Banking Royal Commission, the demand for talent in this sphere has surged. In November 2018, online employment marketplace SEEK revealed that adverts for Risk &
Compliance job roles in banking and finance had increased by an astonishing 48% in the previous year.

This means that candidates, not prospective employers, are now occupying the driver’s seat. 

Your first major hurdle will be convincing passive talent – the valued employees making a distinguished contribution in their current roles, and not actively seeking a move – to be tempted to work for your company. And while we can help get these candidates to the interview stage, you will need to structure your interview and offer process in such a way that the role you are selling becomes irresistible.

Talented individuals who are experienced and effective in Risk & Compliance are likely to be besieged with offers.

So how do you make your vacant role register on their radar? Especially when their radar for job opportunities is likely switched off? 

Ethos BeathChapman has a few tips to help hiring managers recruiting for Risk & Compliance professionals. Download the guide below:



Don’t let top talent slip out of your grasp.

It’s vital to keep in mind that you are probably going to be asking your candidate to jump ship and relinquish a familiar routine to take on a steep learning curve. They will be leaving relationships with co-workers, clients and other stakeholders, and starting over.

That’s a lot to ask. But you don’t want to have to start over either, back to square one in a recruitment process in which you’ve invested a great deal of time and effort. Ethos BeathChapman can help you every step of the way to get it right the first time, from the initial contact to the final handshake that says ‘Welcome aboard’.


Matthew Quinn utilises his investment management and institutional banking background to connect talent in Australia's Risk Management and Compliance market. Connect with Matt.