Andrew McPherson

Andrew McPherson

Director – Accounting, Finance & Insurance

I graduated from Loughborough University majoring in Sports Science in 2000 and shortly afterwards I swapped my tracksuit for a suit and joined a boutique recruitment firm in the City of London.  After spending 4 years in the London market I travelled the world in 2004 and decided the climate and lifestyle in Sydney was a more attractive proposition than heading back to London….and I’ve been here ever since!

Throughout the 11 years I have been in Sydney I have focused purely on executive accounting & finance recruitment.  I have partnered with a large number of organisations ranging from leading ASX listed groups, multinational organisations, small to medium enterprises and government departments.  My tenure in the local market, deep subject matter expertise and vast network of contacts enable me to deliver a consistently high quality of service to customers.

Outside of Ethos you are likely to find me being run ragged by my young daughter, exercising or enjoying a glass or two of wine